Client: TJX
Project: Cultural Pilars

"The goal of this collaboration was to create a series of eight concept videos. Each of these videos was designed to convey and highlight the core principles and values that define and represent TJX." 

The TJX Companies.

One of the largest department stores in the world, asked us to collaborate creating a series of 8 concept videos, where in each of them you can see the principles and values that represent the company. During the development of the project we had the opportunity to conceptualize, design and animate each of the pieces.


Conceptualization, design and animation: We were responsible for the entire process of bringing these videos to life. 


Brainstorming and developing the overarching ideas and themes for each video. This likely involved thinking about how to represent the department store's principles and values visually and conceptually.


Creating the visual elements, including graphics, artwork, and other elements that would be part of the videos. This step involves deciding on the visual style and aesthetics of the videos.



Bringing the designed elements to life through animation. This could involve creating motion graphics, character animations, or any other form of visual storytelling.

THEM_ANIM_Inclusion_018_006 THEM_CP_INCLUSION_16-9





Final render



Overall, this collaboration showcases a creative partnership where the agency or team was entrusted with the task of not only producing videos but also with the responsibility of ensuring that these videos effectively communicated the essence of the department store's brand and values.

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