Client: BBVA Kids
Project: Aprendemos Juntos Kids

"Aprendemos Juntos Kids" is a program for children created by BBVA Spain within the framework of Agenda 2030, closely linked to raising children's awareness about environmental care, recycling, recognizing different cultures, and technological development. 

In the program, Mario and Beta are two characters who acquire a time machine that allows them to travel to different places and moments in history, attempting to explain how they arrive at the reality they live in the future. The underlying idea for the art derives from the concept of recycling, translating into the use of multiple techniques: different illustration and design styles, collage, traditional animation, motion graphics, 3D design, and animation, and all possible combinations thereof.

The Process.

The most valuable aspect of this project was achieving a graphic system open enough to encompass the various techniques used, yet with a strong internal coherence that allows all pieces to be perceived as a system. This is most evident in the OPEN, where the distribution and combination of techniques were structurally established first, and then each was developed in depth. This concept is also reflected in the development of characters, which were fully worked on in each technique and inserted into each instance as appropriate.


The Characters.


The techniques

In this sense, the basic idea for art starts with the concept of recycling and translates into the use of multiple techniques: Different styles of illustration and design, collage, traditional animation, motion graphics, 3D design and animation, and all their possible combinations.

Collage / Cut out animation


2D / 3D Animation

Illustration / Traditional animation


Broadcast toolkit

Each piece in the extended package emphasized one of the main techniques we worked on, such as 3D, traditional animation, collage, etc. None of the pieces is a simple wipe; each has a level of complexity that matches the depth of the main piece: the open.

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